Digital technology has created new unprecedented possibilities in personal life, workplaces, and society. 

We work at the frontline of technology and business so that digital possibilities are better understood, and a greater number of people can take advantage of them. 

As a part of the ATMC Education group which has made global education accessible, our mission is to unlock digital work opportunities for everyone. 

Based in London, one of the world’s leading hubs in design and technology, we offer educational courses and training products to enable digital economy professionals. 

The Digital Commonwealth college in London offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and professional courses in Business, Technology and Design in an employability-centred project-based format. 

Our Story Building

All our learners receive a unique career preparation service for the digital economy delivered by a global pool of experts as they go through our courses. 

A range of our programmes, Ediqt, Aretē are available globally in a hybrid & collaborative mode through our group institutions and partnerships around the world. –  training and internship product that is made accessible to a global audience.

Ediqt – platform for universities and other institutions to offer their programmes remotely.

Aretē – academic excellence training package preparing college students for global study.