Master Your Tomorrow webinar session "Win Yourself" for counselors & agents

On October 28th, 2021 our events team organized a webinar with over 190 counselors and agents of ATMC, our partner organization.
The session was moderated by G Bajwa and conducted by Simi Arora, the Master Trainer for the session. The Founder and Chairman of the ATMC group Manish Malhotra has joined as well to share the mission and vision of the group.

Simi covered the importance of being innovative, adaptable as well as flexible, while Manish spoke about the technology disruption through Edfibre & the global expansion plans.

Simi closed the session, highlighting the significance of being resilient and the need to follow one’s passion, while Manish spoke about our common goal to make International education available to all learners through Ediqt enabling to meet thus meeting the global skill demand.