Employability Webinar Series

Starting January 27th, 2022 our employability team has launched a series of five webinar sessions with our Master coaches.

The session will be held every Thursday for five weeks, 12:30 pm IST, 6:00 pm ACT, moderated by Marketa Mojzisova and conducted by Sharmistha Chatterjee, Career Intelligence, Melvin Tan, Influence, Desta Haile, Cultural Intelligence, Ashok Selladurai, Digital Intelligence, and Ana Vreca, Growth Mindset. 

These webinars will help our learners become aware of the possible challenges they will be facing on their life and career journey. To become successful, you may start by understanding yourself first and then identifying tools and channels that will help you to take your development to the next level. 

Sharmistha will speak about ‘Branding Yourself’ to standout from the crowd, Melvin will provide his insight on ‘How to Influence your way to Winning’. Desta will take us through the journey of ‘Understanding Time’. Ashok will introduce you to entrepreneurial tools, such as ‘Business Model Canvas’, and Ana will assist you understand the ‘Power of Habits’.