Our learners are our partners at Digital Commonwealth: together, we build a future of collaboration, participation and shared prosperity. Bridging the world of learning and the world of work, we offer learning experiences informed by real-life challenges that prepare professionals for digital economy work and life.

Three collaborations

All learning experiences at Digital Commonwealth are built around three collaborations: between enabling technologies and empowered humans, global experts and local coaches and within the community of peer learners.

Three collaborations Learner Experience


The London campus, situated at the heart of the city, provides the perfect hub for collaborative activities and a launchpad of ideas.

Designed to be an Enterprise School, learning is driven by a continuous stream of challenges, agile problem-solving through experimentation and teamwork. The experienced tutors coach and guide our learners to become engaged, socially conscious and responsible professionals.

Overall, we offer learning experiences befitting 21st-century learners who are ready to shape and take charge of the future.

Rounded learning experience

This is learning digital work by doing digital work, being the digital professional before becoming one.

  • Carefully crafted learning materials
  • Engaging classroom teaching
  • Collaborative learning in small groups
  • Focused tutorials
  • Roundtables with industry experts from around the world
  • Employer engaged projects