Course Administrator

College:   Digital Commonwealth (DCW)

Location:  London

Job Purpose

To provide comprehensive administrative support primarily to the DCW courses. They will also work alongside the Admissions Officer to carry out admissions processing for the DCW

Main duties and responsibilities

  1. Induction & registration of students including responding to enquiries from students and staff, preparing and helping run registration and Induction Week sessions.
  2. Keep up and maintain Student, Assessment and Evaluation Records including communicating with tutors/course leaders, managing files, and storing all the information securely and accessibly.
  3. In liaison with Course Leaders and the Technology & Digital Resources Development Officer, to update the DCW website for application forms before the beginning of each semester
  4. Work alongside the Admissions Officer and Finance & Admissions Officer to respond to student course enquiries, process applications, apply agreed criteria with regard to academic requirements, English levels, etc.
  5. General administration including telephone, emails and personal enquiries appropriately, data entry, web page maintenance and updating, travel bookings, catering and room bookings, note taking in meetings, filing and providing support as and when needed by Course Leaders etc.
NOTE: Please be aware that the duties and responsibilities outlined above are not exhaustive and may be varied from time to time after consultation with the jobholder. They do not form part of the jobholder’s contract of employment.