Campus Receptionist

College:   Digital Commonwealth (DCW)

Location:  London

Job Purpose

To provide a welcoming, efficient and student-focused reception service for students, tutors, staff and visitors to the campus during the DCW campus opening hours. 

Main duties and responsibilities

  1. Provide a welcoming, courteous and efficient reception service for students, tutors, visitors and contractors.
  2. Implement booking-in arrangements for all visitors and contractors in accordance with agreed DCW procedures.
  3. Respond to enquiries from personal callers and direct students and visitors to appropriate locations on the site.
  4. Receive, record and pass on enquiries to the appropriate person in a timely, efficient and courteous manner.
  5. Provide a service for the receipt and distribution of forms/leaflets and other information to students, staff and visitors, as required.
  6. Carry out a range of administrative tasks to support the DCW campus.
  7. Participate actively and flexibly in a range of DCW-wide activities, such as duty rotas, enrolment and marketing events and staff and student activities.
    Participate in training and team development activities, to update knowledge and skills:
  8. Understand and be committed to the DCW’s Health and Safety Policy statement and safety priorities and be aware of each individual contribution to such priorities.
  9. Be aware of and comply with the health and safety legislation and other College requirements that are relevant to the post.
  10. Be familiar with and promote the Equality Act 2010; demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm to promote the principle of equality and diversity in employment and service delivery.
  11. Be familiar with Safeguarding requirements as outlined in the Safeguarding Policy and comply with its requirements to safeguard and protect the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

NOTE: Please be aware that the duties and responsibilities outlined above are not exhaustive and may be varied from time to time after consultation with the jobholder. They do not form part of the jobholder’s contract of employment.