ATMC Group

Opening up access to career-transforming education is the mission of the ATMC Education Group. We have always focused on providing great quality global education to aspiring students. As Artificial Intelligence, new ways of collecting and using data, crypto-currencies, and other digital innovations change lives, businesses, and societies completely, we want to continue to do what we have already done: Create opportunities for a great number of people across the world.

Dr Manish Malhotra,

Founder and chairman

ATMC Group is one of the largest university ‘partner providers’ in Australia and has educated more than 25,000 learners over more than 15 years. 

With a deep understanding of the international education market, agile and employer-centric approach to education-to-work transition, and innovative use of education technology to foster human and machine collaboration, the group is at the forefront of global transformation in higher education.


Since 2004, we have provided globally-minded universities with reliable and scalable managed campus models, within the central business districts in some of the world’s most exciting cities. In the last 18 months, we have reimagined what we do, focused on digital and built a global platform for inclusive and employability-focused higher education. This platform will span the entire journey of a learner and aim to bridge the global gap in skills and talent.


Future Plans

The group has harnessed digital to transform itself into the next-generation global education platform, combining an extensive understanding of regulatory frameworks; technical agility; personalised care, and sincere commitment to learner success and insights into globally-minded professional aspiration. 

The group aims to build on its highly successful pathway centre model and create a network of hybrid and collaborative learning centres across the world, as well as a fully online offering for delivery of global education in-country.