Training for academic excellence


Aretē is a training programme designed to foster academic excellence. Aretē, the human striving for all-round excellence, was the goal of education in Ancient Greece. The objective of the Aretē programme is to aim for the big picture, move beyond academic skills and pursue key capabilities that make a great international learner.

Aretē combines insights from educational research, neuroscience and technology futurism to prepare the learners for the demands of international education in the 21st century.

Adopting a whole-person approach to academic preparation – taking into account the environment in which we live; the technologies that serve us; the spaces where we come together; the families we come from, the communities that shape us – we coach the learners to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes within the international education context.

Our aim is to develop and instil a research mindset to enable learners to develop the confidence to enquire, rationalise, synthesise and critique collectively, to develop their authentic voice. A research mindset is the key for successful academic research and academic writing, essential for learners’ success.

Aretē helps to develop academic skills through a range of learning modules and materials using varied learning modes e.g. master classes, webinars (synchronous and asynchronous), collaborative group learning sessions, individual tutorials and independent learning using a hybrid model. At the heart of every Aretē module is the importance of cultural awareness, creative thinking, service learning and personal development.

When the learners first engage with Aretē, they will be invited to build a complete academic profile identifying their strengths and areas to develop. They will then be given feedback on their core skills, functional skills and assigned a personal academic mentor for further targeted support.

Aretē enables the learners to successfully shape their learning paths by acquiring a research mindset and the essential academic skills, for 21st century higher education.


Capabilities of successful International learners
ARETĒ academic excellence model